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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where has the time gone..

I find it very amusing that when we were little kids are parents would constantly tell us to stop getting so big so fast, or to be patient and enjoy being a kid. Really we all just thought they were crazy and couldn't wait to be an adult and do more fun things. Well now that I am older and Channing is here I wish I would have listened a lot more.

This morning started out like the last few mornings. Chase started his new job as the Creative Director for the Stars and that means that there is a little more work for mommy now. I have to get up a little earlier and handle Channing all by myself  now. Which this is not me complaining but I have just been so use to doing these things in the morning with Chase around which makes it a lot easier for the both of us. This morning Chase was about to leave to head to work and was kissing Channing goodbye when he realized that he had another tooth. I mean he isn't even 9 months old yet and he has another tooth. He is never all that fussy or tired when he is teething he just always has something in his mouth and drool everywhere. Well finally his other top middle tooth came in. There for awhile he looked kind of funny because he had his two middle bottom teeth and then the next one on the left on the bottom but on the top he had his right top middle tooth and the one next to it but not the other middle tooth. Now he has 6 teeth and it makes me suddenly realize that I wish he would already slow down some so we could enjoy him as a little baby for a little while longer. I mean in just a little over 3 months he is going to be 1 and I am not sure how I feel about that yet!!

Anyways just thought I would give a little update on Channing and little bit on how I was feeling about how big he is getting already!!

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